Jul 27, 2014

Book Review: Windwalker

From the award-winning author of Season of the Witch, comes a highly original story of murder, redemption, eternal love and destiny. WINDWALKER will keep you on the edge of your seat. And break your heart.

When photographer, Justine Callaway, walks into the deserted English mansion, Paradine Park, she doesn’t suspect that she is opening the door to the greatest mystery–and magic–of her life.

Justine becomes obsessed by the family who used to live in the house, especially the oldest son, Adam Buchanan. But why is she so drawn to a man who had killed his brother nine years before? And why, as she photographs the house, does she discover ghostly images she knows she did not record?

Even more unsettling, she senses someone is stalking her, watching her...

* * * * *

It has been a while since I have written up a review and I am sorry.  My reading seems to have slowed down lately due to headaches and other health issues.  That and the fact that when I am laying down it is so much easier to listen to a book then read it.  And then I stumble upon a book like WINDWALKER.

This is a book that I am both glad that I took the time to sit down and read, and one that I am very sorry that it is over.  It's not often that I book will bring me to tears but this one succeeded.  So be warned, have those tissues at ready when you are getting near the end.

Like all of the books I have read by Ms. Mostert, WINDWALKER has a very eerie overtone to it.  It delves into the world of the supernatural with soul mates and spirit or ghost photography.  It also bring up reincarnation with one lover searching for the other throughout all of their lives.

The characterization was first class.  I felt that I really grew to know Justine who was wounded and not able to recognize her own strengths.  The Watcher was enough to send chills down my spine.  And Adam, another wounded warrior and a fit mate for Justine. 

This is a book that I recommend to any of my readers who enjoy that touch of the 'other'.  To any who are looking for a love story that spans time and space.  I am just sorry that it took so long for me to dive into.

*** I received this book at no charge from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.  All opinions expressed within are my own.

Jul 25, 2014

Random Ramblings

  • Had one of my guests for our monthly potluck come over with the flu.  Why in the world would you go to a house for dinner if you are sick?  I ended up coming down with it on Tuesday.  Thank goodness it only stuck around for 24 hours.

  • I am taking part in a design challenge sponsored by Blu Mudd.  I recieved my kit today.  As you can see, the colors are amber and orange.  It's beautiful but now I need to figure what to add to the mix along with whether I am going to make a bracelet or necklace.

  • I have had some fun with patina.  This started out as a washer.  I have learned not to pick up the steel washer as they are so hard, I wasn't able to to add any impressions first no matter how hard I hammered.  I do like the color though.  It is going to be part of a focal for a blog hop I am participating in.  

  • On Wednesday, I was having fun in the studio despite my back being fussy for some reason.  I had just had a massage earlier in the day too.  Sometimes I swear my back has a mind of its own same as the beads.  I had put this focal away for a Samhain blog hop but it was demanding that I use wooden blue beads and yellow sea glass.  Not very spooky.  Aw well.
  • Why is it that Washington drivers always manage to forget how to drive in the rain?  I mean seriously, we get more rainy days here then we get sunshine. 
  • I have been listening to Outlander again in audio.  I love the longer books and this one was over thirty hours.  And I am really looking forward to Outlander the series on Starz but I am curious why Jaimie has brown hair in the trailers.  Jaimie was a red head.  In fact, he was the first sexy redheaded male out there.  So why didn't the actor dye his hair?

Jul 23, 2014

1000th Post Contest

It seems that the only one person had an opinion on what I should give away and that was a bracelet.  So here we go.  I will be giving away a bracelet in the winner's choice of colors.  Here are a couple that I have made up to give you an idea.

The next step is to fill out the form below to get entered.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Jul 21, 2014

Collector's Gene

I am sure that everyone had heard about the gene that causes us to collect things.  Usually they are things that we will never use but we proudly display.  When I was younger, I collected unicorns.  Oh yes, I had unicorn everything before it became popular.  That was part of the thrill because I would have search out these unicorn and this was way before the days of the internet.

Now that I am older and I hope more practical, I collect things that I use.  One of my proud collections is of hand made tea mugs.  Today I thought that I would share with you some that I would love to add to my collection.  If they strike that collector's gene in you then just click on the pic which will take you to the shop where you can pick them up.

I just love these but then I have an attraction to dragonflies.

I confess to having a weakness for the larger mugs.  That way I don't have to stop what I am doing to go get a refill.  You get the big teal one.  The dark blue one is just for comparasion purposes.

I just love the beautiful watercolor design on this one.

This one is just a bit small for me and my tea but I love the wash of colors.  Perhaps to hold tools in the studio?

This one is just so cute.  I love the little feet on it.  The handle is rather unique also.  Has anyone tried out a tea mug with a handle similar to this one?  How comfortable was it?

So here is a little insight to a couple of my addictions, both tea and collecting.  What do you like to collect or do forgo it all?

Jul 18, 2014

Gemstone and Metal 2014 Blog Hop

I can be the world's worst procrastinator.  Not in making the jewelry but in doing up my post.  I remembered about twenty minutes before I needed to get this up that I hadn't written it yet.  Hmmmm. Perhaps I can blame it on my memory.

So anyways, I am not going to be as wordy as usual but I did want to thank Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures for hosting this hop.  This hop caused me to remember just how much I enjoyed working with Jasper.  It is such a calming stone and for both necklaces, I just went into a zone where I was playing with the cool stone as I was knotting it up on waxed linen. 

This was the first necklace and all I added to it was the waxed linen and a jasper focal that I have had forever.  The delightful brass clasp and beads along with the beautiful, earthy Picture Jasper is all from the treasure trove that Lisa sent out.

This second necklace was when I was in my own little world and decided to get adventurous.  Since I didn't have a ready made focal (or at least one I was happy with), I decided to make one using a brass disc and a smaller ceramic focal.  I tied it all together with the Irish waxed linen I was using for knotting.  I wanted to pick up the blues that were in some ceramic beads I had added to the mix.

See not wordy at all for me.  And since you were able to breeze through this post so quickly, you have plenty of time to check out what everyone else has made.  I know that I can't wait though tonight is our potluck so I might be a bit delayed.

Your hostess:  Lisa Lodge, A Grateful Artist
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We're All Ears July Hop

I always mark this blog hop to remind myself to participate and then proceed to forget.  This month though I actually remembered especially as I had just made the earrings to fit this theme and then I saw the theme.  I bet that makes a lot of sense, doesn't it.  Let me try to explain. 

When my mother took me out for my birthday, there was a sailboat race happening outside of the window.  I love sailboats and it inspired me to come home and make up some earrings based on the shape of those sails.  The picture above is actually one that I took while we were out to dinner.  Now you can see where my original inspiration came from. 

And now for the earrings.  All of these will be donated to Ears to You which is a fantastic charity that gives earrings to girls and women who are undergoing chemotherapy. 

o check out what everyone else came up with, just click here.

Jul 17, 2014

Good Earth Challenge Hop

It looks like this was postponed by a week and I didn't get the notice.  So if you see this post twice, that is what happened.

One of the shining stars and one of the sweetest people you will ever meet is Andrew Thorton.  He owns a bead store/gallery up there in the cold north and loves to encourage people.  One of the ways Andrew does so is with his challenges.

Now I just love Andrew's challenges because we all start off with the same components and then the only limitation is our imagination.  Those are the yummy beads and findings above.  Now per the norm, I forgot to take a picture of the beads before so I borrowed this pic from Andrew's blog, The Writing and Art of Andrew Thorton.  Of course,we did receive a couple mystery items.

Now my imagination went almost directly to a bracelet.  Nope.  Not over that kick.  Especially as I have started to wear one a lot.  This style is comfortable, I pretty much put it on and then forget that I am wearing it.  Most of the beads I used in this came from the goodies I got from Andrew.   The orange polymer focal bead I used was the first of those mysteries.  I added on the brass ring and clasp as well as the two wooden beads that seems to be custom made for this mix.

Next up was the second part of the mystery items, this wonderful leaf focal.  I really wanted to highlight that focal so I went simple with copper, leather and a lampwork bead from Sue Beads.  This was the first time I have tried to hammer copper with a glass bead attached so it did involve holding my breath.

Here is a close of up of the focal.  This is a perfect necklace to toss on when it is hot though the colors would easily carry it through the fall.  The length is also adjustable so it gives you a lot of options on necklines.

I haven't used all the beads yet and you will be the orange polymer making an appearance during another blog hop.  Now this is a blog hop and there were several designers that all started out with the same kit.  I am sure that you are as curious as I am to find out what their imaginations came up with so be sure to check out what everyone else has come up with,

Andrew Thornton, Alison Herrington, Laurel Ross, Kim Griggs, Deb Floros http://andrew-thornton.blogspot.com/